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Black and White Dreaming

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
11:49 pm - wowza

first off: hello to everyone that has joined. I am amazed at the amount of people who have joined.

second: dam I was falling asleep a few minutes ago at my computer (cause I have been working on the same 2 sites now for 3 days straight) and I was dreaming of ths future world, where humans were the minority and these Giger - esque creatrues where ruling the world and chasing me. (I know I know I shouldn't watch Alien's while I am working at the pc).. dam I have had some wierd dreams, I it was sorta in color but more of a tone downed but still black and white it is hard to explain.

[ scream ]

9:28 am - welcome.

Welcome I created this community for a place to talk about dreams.
This community is freinds only, so remember to make your posts friends only. (dunno if you have to.)

I dream in black and white, I have done it for years (since like 1998) dunno why mebbe something happened then and made me do it.. but I also have had recent cases of nightmares.

btw if anyone wants to make a community icon you can do so. just post it!

current mood: thoughtful

[ scream ]

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